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Data Driven Journalism:
  • Straight forward PDF to Excel Conversion
  • Automatic Header Removal
  • Many Custom Conversion Options
  • Periodical Cloud web scraping - PDF or HTML
  • Database support for specific projects
File Conversion:
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to XML
  • PDF to MySQL
  • PDF to CSV
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to QuickBooks
  • PDF to Text
  • MySQL Advice
  • Database Creation
  • Database Clean-up
  • Database Response Speed Optimization
  • Custom Business Management Software
  • Powerful Full Text Search Applications
Desktop as a Service:
Designed to save labor & greatly improve management control.
  • PDF transaction saved to local "hot folder".
  • Folder is watched, file uploaded to our server.
  • Our cloud software converts the PDF file to data.
  • Data is inserted into a custom MySQL db created for your business.
  • Access the data through our semi-custom software, like Sales Management, Inventory Control, etc.
Web Scraping:
  • The collection of data for business use. If your company relies on looking up any information periodically that is important for your business operation, our service could save you manual labor & improve the quality of the data
  • Examples: Online price comparison, contact scraping, weather data monitoring, website change detection, research, web mashup, web data integration, monitor the competition.
Windows EXE:
  • Custom Windows Software to perform repetitive PC & web scraping tasks.
  • Examples: Control of websites including login & periodic scraping of web data that is maintained in an online database for all of the company employees to access.
PDF Conversion for Accounting
Any PDF Source to Any Output
Data Driven Journalism
Custom Data Output
Excel, XML,
Word, Text
& QuickBooks