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PDF Conversion for Accounting
  • You already receive many business documents by email: Invoices, Purchase Orders, Release Orders, Packing Slips, etc. PDFDriven.com can eliminate the manual entry of data that can be extracted from received PDF documents. This is 100% accurate data even when the data is very complicated, as is the case when serial numbers or long product codes are involved.
  • Our service can convert these PDF documents to data in a format compatible with your accounting software. The conversion from PDF to data is 90% ready, we just need to create a template that understands what the field names are for your data and that the specific requirements for your accounting software is met exactly. The same template can be used for years.
  • This process is mostly automatic. Two of the options are: (1) Simply drag the PDF file directly from the incoming email to a "Hot Folder" on your desktop. (2) Upload it to a webpage on our site.
  • Our conversion process is virtually instant (no 5 minute wait).
  • Take steps to a paperless office!
  • We can help you work with QuickBooks, Sage (Simply Accounting), plus any software that can import transaction data.
  • Our customers are Accountants, Banks, Retailers, Distributors, Distribution Warehouses, Customs Brokers, Logistics Companies, Vehicle Importers, Chemical Analysis labs, Government, Banks, Manufacturing Plants and more.
  • See some of the ouput options below. We look forward to helping you.
Data Driven Journalism
  • It's ironic (if you're a journalist) that PDF files are actually graphic reproduction documents, never intended to contain data. Our background is in graphics, long before we became programmers. The predecessor of PDF was EPS, both produced by Adobe with the intention of those formats being the carrier of documents from designer to printer. EPS and its Postscript have many problems that PDF fixed. Our graphics background allows us to understand the internal instructions inside PDF files better than programmers who never understood picas, points, kerning, leading, superscript, etc.
  • That understanding gives us the ability to place every glyph from the PDF file in the exact location coordinates which further allows us to re-assemble the words and word groups. We decode and calculate the lower left XY and upper right XY of every glyph, even if it's just a comma. We then arrange every item by location. For Excel output, we can determine rows and columns for exact Excel cell placement. If you are a programmer (as in programmer-journalist), we can supply the decoding result in the glyph coordinate format, for you to work with as you please. Ask for a free sample if your're interested in that.
  • We know that Data Driven Journalists love their spreadsheets. PDF files are terrible at revealing data. We offer customization of the process when needed, most of the time there is no extra cost. Removal of headers & footers for 100 page documents can be very helpful. We even offer MySQL data insertion and database management for long term projects.
Desktop as a Service
  • A Case History. A large retailer came to us. They sell a product where the manufacturer supplies the product and they receive a commission. They don't control the retail accounting software, sales are made through a DaaS (like Citrix) where the software is located in the cloud. They see and use the software but have no ability to get sales reports and often cannot even reprint invoices. When a transaction is completed, a PDF file appears on the DaaS screen, they can save and print only.
  • What they have been doing is manually re-entering the transactions into leased retail software, a major job with dozens of locations. There are over 8,000 very complicated transactions per month. You can only imagine the workforce required for accurate data entry.
  • We programmed a wonderful solution. Each transaction is printed for the customer and location records, then saved into a "Hot Folder" in the local PC. The PDF file defaults to the Documents folder and that's where we placed the hot folder. Every 5 seconds, an exe that we created, checks the hot folder. If a PDF file appears, it is uploaded to our secure server, decoded to MySQL insert statements then inserted. It all takes less than one second (transmission, decoding and insertion).
  • The next part of the project involved writing cloud software that allows the dealer group to manage their sales, with custom reports and searches. They can even click a button and view the original PDF transaction. Since they are paid commission, reconciling what they are paid is vital to their profitability and existence.
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